Teaching And Learning Plan On Testicular Cancer For Second Year Nursing Students

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Evaluating our teaching and learning plan on Testicular cancer for second year nursing students enable us to reflect on the whether the teaching and learning tools were effective in reaching the goals we laid out in our teaching plan and rational. Using a summative evaluation we were able to determine the effectiveness of our plan and learners experience (Worrall, P.S., 2014). This approach enabled us to determine whether we as teachers facilitated a stimulating and effective educational session that enabled learners to be at their peak learning capacity in an environment that fostered learning through the use of visuals, auditory and interactive tools to deliver salient information about testicular cancer to which the students are…show more content…
To support increased learning in our allotted thirty minutes time frame, we included some videos pre-class to help to establish a concept of our topic and, emailed our powerpoint in which they could take their own notes during class. We used repetition with discretion to provide a platform for which our Powerpoint presentation could build up their understanding (Fitzgerald, K., & Keyes, K. (2014). We feel this minimized the same information being repeated in a manner in what Fitzgerald & Keyes (2014) desctive effective learning tools by reviewing key points to deepen the learner 's understanding. Challenges that we experienced while facilitating our teaching plan were: Nervous at the start of our presentation, pronunciation of a few pathology terms, intermittent reduce volume from presenter and disengagement from the class during the implementation of our activity in which we had the class participate in a testicular self-examination. We feel the disengagement occurred because we didn’t explain activity prior to doing it. Time efficiency played a role in our decision to pass out the activity props while Sarah explained the rationale for the activity. We feel that providing the students with props distracted their attention from what Sarah was explaining. This could also be a effect of what Richards (2014) describes are Locus of control where motivation from within the learner is influence by external forces in which

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