Technology Has Changed The Way Of Life

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There is no doubt that the world today is much different than it once was. The ongoing improvements of technology and new inventions have changed the way of life for mankind. Almost everything has become within arm’s reach and with hardly any physical effort. Although these changes have made life easier they have not necessarily made them better. People are now struggling with keeping themselves away from technology because it is slowly consuming their lives. While these changes are certainly beneficial the outcome may end up negatively affecting mankind. Undeniably, technology has helped the world become better, but unfortunately people are now struggling with keeping themselves away from it. An example of this would have to be the cellphone. People have allowed cellphones to take over their lives to the point where humans are no longer able to live without it (Emmanuel). Society is becoming addicted to these smartphones in an unhealthy way that some cannot even eat or drive without sending a text message. According to Richard Emmanuel, a study of four hundred and three undergraduate students at a university was conducted, and it revealed that 64% of students feel like they are missing something when their phone is turned off (Emmanuel). This just proves that young adults are becoming too dependent on their cellphones and have attached themselves to this device to the point where they feel alone without it. Also, according to Tyler Hamilton and Robert Cribb, cellphones are

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