Ten Causes of Workplace Accidents

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10 Causes of Workplace Accidents: Workplace environments normally consist of subtle safety hazards that have the possibility of causing injuries to workers. Therefore, the responsibility of maintaining safety and ensuring that safety hazards are abolished is both a duty of the employers and employees as well. Nonetheless, workplace accident usually occurs and can't be totally avoided as workers sometimes get injured on the job. Workplace accidents and injuries tend to cost the business more time and money and require knowledge regarding the various types of injuries. Common Types of Workplace Accidents: There are several common types of accidents and injuries in the workplace that have been classified into various categories. Some of these common types of injuries and accidents include strips, trips and falls, general injuries, and ergonomic injuries (Sheahan, n.d.). Strips, trips and falls that normally result in sprains and strains are regarded as the most common type of accidents and injuries in today's workplace ("Accidents in the Workplace", n.d.). Actually, this type of accidents account for an estimated 41 percent of all the workplace accidents that require time away from work. In the past few years, 4 out of every 10 accidents in the workplace have usually been sprains and strains that involve falls and overexertion. Ergonomic accidents or injuries can take place from minor things like lots of sitting in positions that are regarded as ergonomically
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