Tesla Motors, Inc.

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Tesla Motors is an innovative corporation that is empowered to create new technologies by focusing on its impressive mission “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy (About Tesla, 2017).” The company has been pushing the industry’s boundaries to keep the world moving forward in an environmentally safe and energy sustainable fashion which is extremely important for our planet’s future. “Tesla Motors, Inc. engages in the designing, development, manufacturing and selling of electric vehicles and electric power train components. Its products include electric vehicles such as the Model S, Model X and the Tesla Roadster (Tesla Motors, 2017).” Their existing and newer products push the industry’s ability to manufacture high…show more content…
“Tesla Motors Inc. posted a surprise $22 million profit in its latest period, buoyed by record sales of its pricey electric cars and boosting Chief Executive Elon Musk’s plan to sharply lift output ahead of its release of a sedan to compete against mass-market rivals (Higgins, 2016).” Even though the company is proving to be more profitable overall, there are several risks that the company faces when producing these new products. Financial support is vital in the company’s existence and without it the company will soon falter. Failure of these new products is another huge risk that the company constantly faces. If the products do not live up to Tesla’s mission or if the consumers are not satisfied with the products, the company again faces a huge financial dilemma. As for any company introducing a new product, marketing strategies and financial budgeting are the keys to success both short term and long term. Tesla Motors is far different than its competitors in the industry and hence should go further since there are not many other auto companies that are going down the same path as Tesla. Tesla’s mission of sustainable technology sets them apart from the rest and puts Tesla in an advantage seat of the industry’s market.
II. Production Needs
A. Cycle Time Tesla Motors is a newer green-tech business that is working to create
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