The Anxiety Of Anxiety And Depression

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According to Mayo Clinic, if you have a mood disorder, your mood or emotional state changes dramatically, independent of your external conditions. The unrelenting factor of anxiety and depression is what separates them from common emotions ( Depression is commonly mistaken for a case of the blues, or even laziness. The idea that if you want to change how you feel you can is a reoccurring thought. But, there is a key difference between sadness and depression. People with depression have an extreme, deep sadness that does not subside. Even if your environment becomes more positive, your mood stays the same. According to mayo clinic, people with depression may have given up on life, which is a response that is not associated with just being unhappy. ( Anxiety is perhaps equally as common as depression. Many people dismiss it as just worrying about something. It is public generalization to think that anxiety is no more than just a normal response to stress that will end when the stressful situation is over. There is a piece missing from this idea that is present in an anxiety disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, anxiety is a mood disorder characterized by prolonged, excessive worry and panic that get in the way of a person living their everyday lives. This separates people who are reacting to a stressful day from people who have an anxiety disorder. ( That being said, it is also important to be aware of the underlying causes of

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