The Business Manager/Director of Education Wears Many Hats

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Education has many faces, one of them being that of the business manager/director. This particular job is a diverse one with various responsibilities. It is the duty and responsibility of a manger or director to ensure that the district run both effectively and efficiently. In doing so, they create a foundation that supports a solid financial operation. I would define this role as being one that maintains strategic financial plans that allows them to manage the administration of personnel functions in the school. They are also responsible for budget modelling, drawing up base budgets, provisional budges as well as final budgets. They monitor salaries and expenditure and advise the district Superintendent. It is also their roles to ensure that all records of expenditures are up to date are keep the Superintendent and principals informed about under and over spending of budgets.
Another aspect of their job is making sure that accurate records of personnel files are kept, including absences are maintained and information passed on for payroll services as necessary. They are required to produce job description, person specification and advertisements for vacancies. As a business manager/director one must ensure that all staff are paid on the correct scale and spine point in consultation with the superintendent and to provide appropriate information on pay to staff, the Governing Body and to be the first point of contact for all staff at the school on pay and contract related

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