The Cause of Multiple Myeloma

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The cause of multiple myeloma is cellular resulting in diverse symptoms and affecting various groups of people. Multiple myeloma affects 1 in 149 people in the United States making it a .67% threat of people. According to the American Cancer Society in 2014, there will be “24,050 new cases… (13,500 in men and 10,550 in women)… 11,090 deaths are expected to occur (6,110 in men and 4,980 in women).” Although not a common cancer being aware of what multiple myeloma is and how to detect it can prevent mortalities. Imaging has been found promising in assessing patients with multiple myeloma. CT, MRI, and PET/CT are all used to diagnose multiple myeloma patients however; they each have advantages and disadvantages in analysis. First, we need to look at what multiple myeloma is in order to determine the best diagnostic modality.
Multiple Myeloma is a neoplastic disease that involves the plasma cells within bone marrow. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell that helps make up our immune system. They work within our immune system by generating antibodies that guard us from microorganisms and other unsafe materials. Although multiple myeloma forms in the immune system, the abnormal antibodies decrease the effectiveness of the body ability to fight infection. Since multiple myeloma is an uncommon cancer, the etiology is idiopathic, unknown. When plasma cells start to divide rapidly they become abnormal, and this is when myeloma starts. Healthy patients have a 5%

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