The Challenge For Apple Inc

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Tim Cook took over CEO for Apple in 2011, and then Jobs passing away soon after, people wondered if Cook would live off Job’s legacy or if he would continue Apple in being the big innovative technology giant and move past the iPad and iPhone it had become so popular from. Cook has since produced the Apple Pay and Apple Watch products although the company still relies heavily on the iPhone as the main revenue maker at 69% (Yoffie & Baldwin, 2015). This case study is going to discuss the case facts and root of the problem, analysis and decision making, action planning, and measurements of the ideas.
Case Facts & The Root Cause of the Problem The current challenge for Apple Inc is to find the next innovated product to increase revenue and …show more content…

Cook can continue with the current technologies he has created and continue to “live off” of the revenues from the iPhone and iPad sales.
2. Look for new innovative talent that can create the next product. This could include replacing Cook as the CEO for someone that has new ideas for the next technology.
3. Focus on the products Apple currently offers and revamp them. Make the products available to other control systems which will allow additional users the chance to utilize the product.
4. Advertising is limited for the new products that Apple is creating. Apple needs to advertise the products more. This could be as simple as offer giveaways, offering product classes so individuals can find more ways to utilize their product to its fullest extent.
5. Research and development. Apple needs to continually do research to create the next technology. Additionally, Apple needs to complete surveys and do research to find out what the market is missing from there the innovation technology can be produced.
The best alternative for Apple to complete would be the research and development.

Action Planning
Action Required Action by Time required/Deadline
Start brainstorming regarding new innovative technologies Technology teams 1-2 months January -February
Create teams to start researching the market Supervisor of marketing 1 month January
Prepare the surveying for the mass public to obtain ideas. Marketing Teams 1 month February
Send survey’s out to mass public to obtain

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