The Challenges Of The Nokia Microsoft Alliance

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The Nokia-Microsoft Alliance appears to be a well-calculated alliance of two major merchandising organizations that are both at the top of their respective business industries. A few of the major points with this merger are the organizations are established, they are both pushing and looking toward the future and subject matter experts are at the heart of each organization. There are always lessons learned when organizations are coming together in a merger weather good or bad it is very important to capitalize on both situations. In the end, the lessons learned will dictate what could have been done better for future business endeavors. When comparing Nokia and Microsoft the first topic, which could be the most important, is the establishment of the two organizations. They have both grown and expanded to get them where they are today through innovation and the continuing effort to grow with a changing world. According to Microsoft (2015) two young computer enthusiasts came together in 1975 to start an organization called Microsoft. Bill Gates a Harvard graduate and Paul Allen a Washington State University graduate look to the founders look too Steve Ballmar another Harvard graduate to assist with the vision to change the way work was done. Use of typewriters and carbon paper would be replaced with a computer and Microsoft Disk Operating System. Over the next few years, Microsoft would expand to Windows 1 in 1985 utilizing a mouse and in 1987; Windows 2.0 is

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