The Communication Rhythm Aims Of The Business Model Vision

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rhythms that are already embedded across Bupa, the idea of which is to provide as much communication as possible to the lower level team employee’s with introducing new activities into already stretched teams. This communication rhythm aims to help maintain the momentum of the business model vision rollout and to build on peoples understanding of how the strategy aligns to their role. Communication Activity/Method Frequency Time Required by staff Breath of Communication Town Hall meetings Quarterly 2 hrs. per quarter Bupa Wide General Manager weekly update emails Weekly No additional time Functional mangers areas Employee reward and recognition program to reward Monthly No additional time Bupa Wide Leader Led Guides Bi -Monthly No…show more content…
For example if the functional structure of Health Insurance, aged care etc. stayed, I wouldn’t be able to service that customer from a single view perspective, I would only be able to help them with the specific enquire, in this case health insurance, and then I would need to refer the customer to the aged care business, this would not be in line with the customer value proposition that the new integrated health care business is aiming to provide. This recommendation also involves re-deploying the existing leaders of the bosses who are not on board with the change, and changing systems and structures that undermine the vision. Individuals who are early movers need to be rewarded so they can be role models for others. This structure will have a number of benefits that will enable Bupa to achieve the new BM. Benefit includes; • Specialization - Employees within each function will become experts within their functional area mean the time taken and complete activities will increase • Efficiency and Productivity - Teams, who will become an expert in their functional area, will be able to perform
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