The Concept Shop Of PADINI

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PADINI started operating its company in various types of industries such as the clothing industry, manufacturing, trading and supply of Malaysian clothing to order retailers and distributors. The concept shop of PADINI is a concept store that refers to the sale of all brands of PADINI Holdings in one store or "one stop shopping". The first PADINI company was set up to operate in Malaysia at the Johor Bahru City Square, near a shopping complex in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The main products sold by PADINI company are formal and fashion clothing among children, teenagers and adults. In addition, there are also various brands associated with the PADINI brand and all of them are categorized under PADINI. Each brand categorized under PADINI represents fashion philosophy and each philosophy involves various products aimed at targeted consumers. There are eight unique brands under PADINI, which are PDI ,PADINI Authentics, PDI, P & CO, Seed, Miki, Vincci, and Vincci Accessories. All brands targeted to consumers are caused by both sexes and all ages in children, adolescents and adults.…show more content…
During the same period, we chose Canada because of several factors that prompted us to choose a Canadian country that allows PDI products to be marketed. Consumer Goods are final goods that are brought from retail stores to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. PADINI products under consumer products are categorized as children's, teenage and adult shopping products. The PDI product has its own alternative brand under it. The importance of PDI products is to emphasize acceptable casual style in any event The purpose is to let any man or woman to get their own styles such as fashion jeans, T-shirts, jackets, casual T-shirts, belts, footwear, shawls and even other accessories in a business-friendly setting. PDI is more focused on basic lifestyles and families for the purpose of anyone who likes and casual casual
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