Grievous Problems have Arisen for Nanda Homes, Creator of Innovative New Products

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Nanda Home is one of the successful creators of innovative new products but some grievous problems arising recently. We are market researchers writing this recommendation essay aiming at presenting the analysis of observations regarding of the failure to continue the attractiveness of its products. By using branding goals including awareness and image to measure its marketing strategies, this summary will focus on the possible reasons for its failure and provide suitable recommendations for Nanda Home to effectively brand the company and Clocky in Argentina’s market based on its demographics and cultural values.

Buoyed by the media coverage and customer interest, Nanda’s business idea was expected to be successful in the market. However, Nanda Home failed to maintain its reputation as sales started to decline from about 2.2 million in 2007 to less than 1 million in 2009. The reason for the failure may be explained by using branding goals. In term of awareness, Nanda relied too much on promotion by media rather than launching marketing campaign. The message delivered by media may not be in line with the company’s vision. Also, retailers refused to display Clocky with demonstration to show potential customers how the clock works and its unique feature to move around. Some retailers even only sold Clocky during special occasion like Christmas. This decreased the product to reach wider number of buyers. Moreover, Nanda failed to build a positive image for her company and her

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