The Correlation Between Sex Tourism And Prostitution

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Tourism has been a major contributor to the economic, social and human development of Morocco. Its social and economic impacts such as the reduction of unemployment and poverty are clearly evident in today’s society. With a growth of 6.0% in its tourism compared to the world average growth rate of 1.6%, the success of the Moroccan tourism sector is without any doubts astonishing. In fact, tourism has become one of the most important sectors for Morocco. It is said that the reasons behind this success are mainly due to the development and implementation of new policies under the reign of the monarch, King Mohammed IV, and the development of certain industries such as agriculture and textile. In this paper, however, I argue that there are other factors behind Morocco’s rapid development in the tourism industry that are ignored due to social and religious reasons. In order to demonstrate this point, I will examine the predominance of sex tourism and prostitution in Morocco and how they play a major role in the development and success of tourism. Finally, I contend that the tourism sector is not sustainable as its social and economic impacts have already started affecting negatively the social life of the Moroccan population. Unless an alternative of sustainable tourism is put in place, this growth in the tourism industry will disappear leading to unprecedented and unwanted consequences. Before examining the sex tourism in Morocco, let us first look at its starting point. The
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