The Cruise Industry

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CELEBRITY CRUISES INC. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Cruise industry is fraught with many challenges like any other industry but since a cruise trip is hard to explain and can only be experienced the challenge of selling cruise vacations becomes even more gigantic. For this reason and some others cruise industry is effectively divided into three classes namely Luxury, Mass and Premium. This classification helps customers get an idea of the kind of experience they would have on board and what should they be expecting. Celebrity cruises Inc. falls in the premium class which has some of the amenities of the more luxurious cruises while retaining some mass features like offering low-cost facilities that could make experience look and feel more luxurious. Dietmar Wertanzl is the vice president of operations at Celebrity Cruises Inc. and he wants to expand customer base and improve profit margins and thus wonders if he should move the operations to mass market or if he should simply offer better customer service with more offers to expand the customer base and hence improve profit margins. BACKGROUND: The Cruise industry is growing rapidly with more players and better services entering the industry. This means tougher competition which has pushed each cruise company to find ways it can become unique and hence customer's preferred liner for cruise trips (Plowman, 2006). CC thus joined hands with Royal Caribbean in 1997 and this led to higher profits and a bigger fleet. CC was all

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