Essay on The Delegation of Managers

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The Delegation of Managers

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Delegation as “The action of delivering or assigning a thing to a person or to a purpose.” Delegation is very important in the Air Force and military in general. When managers do not delegate, they can become overwhelmed. The concept of delegation can be difficult to master. I was a Contracting Officer for 6 years. During that time, I not only saw delegation within the military structure but also to the contractors we employed.

Delegation seems like an easy concept, but not everyone understands it and completes it with confidence. Some managers use delegation to ensure that they are not the only ones to blame in a failure. Some managers will delegate the difficult jobs
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After market research was completed, we took over until the contract was negotiated and awarded to a company. At that point, most of the responsibility was delegated to the Quality Assurance Advisor on service type contracts. This individual was in charge of inspecting the contractors and verifying that the work was completed. Each month, the contractor would submit an invoice for payment for that month. The Quality Assurance Advisor would have to sign off on the invoice to ensure that the work was completed and payment is justified. As a Contracting Officer, you are too busy with negotiating other contracts and ensuring that the contractual part of all the contracts are being adhered to. If there are problems, it is usually the Quality Assurance Advisor that brings it to our attention. We can amend the contract or give the contractor a notice, but we can’t be at the site every day. For contracts for supplies, the customer requesting and receiving the supplies simply let us know when the item is received and correct. Once we are notified that the contract is complete, we release the payment to the contractor. This type of delegation is necessary for our office. The Quality Assurance Advisors must be recommended by their commander and go through a lot of training before they can claim that title. Some Quality Assurance Advisors are responsible for million dollar contracts.
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