The Development Of Globalization Has An Influence On Most Different Aspects Of Our Daily Life

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English as a Lingua Franca

Ling309 TP draft#2
Lusha Jin

12 The development of globalization has an influence on most different aspects of our daily life in contemporary society. “In the information society of the globalized world, there is a pressing need for a common language of communication, which would make it possible to overcome interlingual and intercultural barriers standing in the way of integrating nations into a common economic and cultural area.” (Crystal, 2003). Therefore, as it is widely spread in the world, English get more and more popular so that it becomes a widely accepted contact language for international business, education and political economy.
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Alongside with this status, it has become a symbol of our times together with globalization, social networking, economic integration and Internet.” (Jenkins, 2009) TA said: all direct quotation needs to paraphrase]. Additionally, English as a lingua franca has a strong effect in promoting the development of international trade, political economy, education and sociolinguistics.
However, with the rapid development of other languages, such as Chinese, Spanish, French and German, there are some concerns that a dominant global language could also have some built-in disadvantages. Hence, some linguists argue that English may not be an appropriate and rational lingual franca today.
First, there exists a risk that increased adoption of English as a lingua franca may lead to the weakening and disappearance of other popular languages. From researches, it is estimated that up to 80 percent of the world’s living languages may die out within the next century, and some linguists believe that a dominant lingua franca may be a major contributing factor in this trend. However, it seems likely that this is really a direct threat in areas where English as lingua franca is also their natural first language, such as North America, Australia, Canada and England. Conversely, there is also some evidence that the very threat of subjugation by a dominant lingua franca can actually stimulate and enhance movements to support

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