The Difference in Recruitment Policy Between the University in China and Uk

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In general, Human Resource Management is the core of an organization. It is plays a more strategic role by the leading of rapid pace of globalization. The people who form an organization should be capable with professional skills that make the organization more competitive. Not only necessary in the company, individual capability is significant in any type of industry and it is the key point to keep the position in the same industry.

Based on the different cultural background the recruitment policy would be discrepant in the different country. The diversity of the recruitment between Chinese University and the UK University would be researched. The importance of recruitment will also be evaluated.
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This is followed by identifying the most significant attributes and personal characteristics of a prospective candidate. A job description and person specification are more systematic approaches to job analysis. (Atkinson, Giles and Meager 1996)

The process is usually being formalized and standardized by the techniques which could reduce the extent of discretion and avoid the personal unfair judgments. (Fraser, 1971). In the survey of personnel management, Mackay and Torrington, (1986) stated that in under half of the companies they studied, systematic job analysis was employed. The job analysis does tend to be very much dependent on personal judgment and the decisions are made by managers who point out what is important and guide the entire process. ( Windolf and Wood, 1988)
The problem with the job analysis process is that normally job description and person specification are not updated frequently. (Watson, 1994). Recruitment procedures are regardless of product of custom and practice but not consciously evaluated that the evaluation is not always carried out. ( Windolf and Wood, 1988,p.1).

3.2 Recruitment Channels
As long as the recruitment requirements have been defined, it then involves attracting potential candidates, which is achieved through labor market recruitment
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