The Differences Of Love And Sex In Am�lie And Y Tu Mam� Tambien

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There is a mysterious difference between love and sex in relationships. Often people confuse the two in the climax of intimacy; however there is a big difference between them both. Love is an emotion that you feel, and sex is a physical act or biological event. Both can occur without the presence of the other. In the 2002 French comedy romance “Amélie” and the 2001 Mexican drama film, “Y Tu Mamá Tambien,” the complexities of love and sex are confronted. In both movies the filmmakers used omniscient narrators and produced imagery in international film that in its own right, encompasses the paradigms of foreign culture while simultaneously connecting artistic entertainment. After watching both, I will analyze the film components, providing a perspective of the essential elements used by the filmmakers in each. The concept used in Amélie is a 3-Act Structure, which consist of the Set up, the Confrontation and the Resolution. As described in our textbook “act one, which he calls the set up introduces the story, characters and setting. Act two, the confrontation, focuses on the conflicts that come between the main characters and their goals. Act three, resolution, settles these conflicts and ties up carious plot lines.” (Prince, p. 233) In the Exposition we are introduced to the characteristics of Amélie, her childhood and her life as an adult. In the confrontation we learn Amélie is in love and mysteriously hides her identity to him sending him on scavenger hunts leading to

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