The Effect Of Hydration Of Copper Chloride Hydrates

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Purpose Hydrates are inorganic salts that lose water when heated and undergo a color change. The loss of water makes the hydrate anhydrous. Copper chloride hydrate is what will be used in the lab to show what happens when a hydrate is heated which can lead to a better understanding of hydrates as a whole and their reactions that can be observed to discover things about the environment they’re in. After the removal of water from the copper chloride hydrate, the solid ,when reacted with aluminum and filtered, produces elemental copper. Through the understanding of the process used to achieve this, the experiment can be recreated for another hydrate to isolate a different element. By determining the amount of water and copper in the…show more content…
The molecular formula is the actual amount of atoms of in each molecule but is not used in this lab. Empirical formulas can be found by converting the grams of each substance within a compound to moles using their molar mass then dividing each value by the smallest value calculated. That results in the molar ratios which are multiplied so that they are all whole numbers. Those numbers can be plugged into the formula as subscripts to obtain the empirical formula which is the simplest form of the formula. The empirical formula of copper chloride hydrate will be found by completing experiment and using the masses of the reactants and products. The mass of chlorine is not measured during the experiment but can be found through the masses of water and copper that are measured in the experiment. By adding the masses of water and copper together the mass of chlorine can be determined and used in finding the mole ratios which can then lead to the formation of the empirical formula. The empirical formula of the hydrous compound will be found and is different than the anhydrous formula. The anhydrous version won’t contain water. How the empirical formula is written is also important. The compound in the experiment contains water and instead of distributing the mole ratio of water to each subscript, the number comes before it. This is because the empirical formula is the smallest

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