The Field Of Business Contains Various Paths That Are Interconnected

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The field of business contains various paths that are interconnected through communication. Marketing, more specifically, is a field that would be nothing without communication. At its very heart, marketing is the communication between a business to its existing and potential customers. What I have been told in my classes is that the field of marketing is ever-changing. Although base principles stay the same, people’s purchasing habits are constantly shifting along with culture and society. The communication between marketers and consumers is one that is vital to a company and can be the difference between success and failure. Through analyzing the TED Talk “What Physics Taught Me About Marketing” by Dan Cobley, it is apparent that there …show more content…

E-mail is still positioned at the heart of business and composing a correctly formatted e-mail is somewhat of an art form. If a marketer’s intended audience is another person or persons in the field, then this is one go-to genre that is universally used. Genres used specifically for audiences of consumers vary depending on what is needed to be accomplished. Marketers can utilize newspaper articles, billboard screens, pamphlets, direct mail, and countless other methods to get their intended point across. A newly developing field with incredible potential is digital marketing. This route includes developing digital pamphlets, online advertisements, or other genres containing content that companies would like to promote to consumers. In one of my classes just the other day, a guest speaker talked about how one of her co-workers that is a digital marketer for a pharmaceutical company studied chemistry in college. One area of marketing that is not lost from genre to genre is the usefulness of employing other disciplines in the marketing process.

An artifact related to my field is a TED talk by Dan Cobley that is named “What Physics Taught Me About Marketing.” Within this talk, Cobley uses an interdisciplinary approach to the world of marketing through another field, which in this case is physics. Dan Cobley is a marketing director for Google, but along with his passion for the field of marketing, he also has a passion for physics.

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