The Findings From My Current Research Indicate That It

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The findings from my current research indicate that it is true that poor nutrition negatively affects the academic performance of the students. Also, the study shows that when the students are given meals with good nutrient content, it is significant because it supports their growth and development as well as improve their cognitive development (Langford, et. al, 2014). The study showed that majority of the students who performed poorly in their tests are the one that is fed in meals that lack nutrients. Those participants who prefer nutritional choices that are full of fruits and vegetables recorded better academic achievements. Since the study reveals that poor nutrition contributes to the poor academic achievement of the students, the…show more content…
al, 2014). This survey did not assess the associations between academic performance and health of the students.
Most of the policy makers and researchers have focused more on the perspective for health to enhance intellectual function, academic performance and learning among school going children. These studies have shown that well-being and health are important aspects required for appropriate learning (Jensen, 2013). On the other hand, numerous researchers had acknowledged the association between poor nutrition and school performance among children. This means that the kind of food children consumers may affect their school attendance, attention and concentration on class, cognitive development, and even academic achievement (Luo, 2012).
A study conducted by Bradley & Greene (2013), has revealed that poor nutrition among the school going children is the cause of health problems which hinder learning in schools. For instance, when some children possess auditory and vision impairment due to malnutrition, their learning is greatly affected, and this can contribute to poor academic achievement. The recommendation from the study indicates that to improve the quality of education and academic performance of the school-going children; there should be efforts to enhance the health and nutrition status that the
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