The Five Eras Of Action Comics : The Golden Age Of Superman

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Many have used comic books as an escape from reality. Many read not only the storyline but also the artistic value many contain. Some sources claim that there are five eras of comic art; the Victorian or Platinum Age, the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Modern Age. Many only claim that there is only from the Golden Age on. The Platinum Age is said to begin around 1883 and end around 1938. There is not much on this era as it not considered part of the typical idea of comics. This era focused more on stories about Action Comics’ debut in 1938 is recognized as the beginning of the Golden Age with the introduction of the hero Superman (Greenberger). Many aspects of the comics of this time revolved around raising the American spirit due to the Depression and the hardships of World War II. This involved many depictions of heroes as “do-gooders” who fight crime at home or even Hitler to represent America’s involvement in the European Front (Johnson). Here they would have a more defined line between good and evil, right and wrong where the reader would clearly understand the situation with no doubt that a character was evil and needed to be defeated by a character who was the obvious hero of this story. This invincible hero who could fight any evil and prevail would eventually become less and less appealing to the people after the war. The depictions of these superheroes and vigilantes still had more of a mask of innocence than future comics will tend to

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