The Foundation And Evolution Of The International Building Code Essay

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The Foundation and Evolution of the International Building Code
Jared Conrad
Washington State University
Contract Project Management
EM 520: Leadership, Supervision, and Management

Introduction 2 ancient foundation of building regulations 2 major events that shaped the future 2
The Universal Building Code 2
The International Building Code 2
Modern application of building codes 2
Legal Implications of building codes 2
Conclusion 2
References 3
WSU Academic honesty statement 4

When we walk through the halls of a modern office building, unless there are underlying psychological issues, few wonder if today will be the day the building collapses. Few people question if the floor is strong enough for their weight, if the wind will blow over the structure, or if there are enough exits to safely get out of the structure in an emergency. Why is it that all over the world, for the most part, buildings are relatively similar? Why is it that people don’t question the structural intergrity of a facility every time they enter? The answer is standardized construction through the incorporation of Building Codes. Over thousands of years the process of regulating construction has become so engrained into society that few today question the integrity of their office building, highways, or homes.
The basic necessities of life are Food, Water, and Shelter. Since the beginning of time man has been erecting

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