The Four Levels Of Training Evaluation Is Defined As A Technique For Evaluating Training Programs

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Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of training evaluation is defined as a technique for evaluating training programs, created by Donald Kirkpatrick in 1959. The Kirkpatrick model is the worldwide standard for evaluating the effectiveness of training. The four levels of this technique incorporate assurance of how learners respond to the learning procedure, the achievement of skill acquisition by learners, the degree to which workplace behavior after the training demonstrates skill acquisition, and quantifiable outcomes, including expanded profits or decreasing any defects observed. Donald Kirkpatrick, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and past president of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), initially…show more content…
This evaluation technique is defined as a detailed study of a market or geographical area to gather data on the attitudes, impressions, opinions, satisfaction level and etc. by targeting and polling a section of the people. Surveys are low cost and also very effective as long as the participant is unbiased. Surveys can be administered to the participants through a various number of ways. The questionnaires can be simple and sent by email or through the Internet, which is easily accessible. Online surveys have quickly become a popular way of gathering data and conducing surveys. It is also extremely convenient and does not take up much time. The surveys should have only relevant questions that reflect the training that was just conducted. It should also be conducted right after the training when the trainees are still sure about what they have experienced. If the survey is handed to them too late, the data collected could differ. Simple questions should be asked with a “yes or no” option as well as a 1 to 10 rating scale. At the end of the survey, there should be an open-ended box where the trainees are able to freely write how they feel about the training as well as what can be improved.


This is when the organization measures what the trainees have learned and how much has their knowledge has expanded as an outcome of the training. At the start of the training session, there should be a specific list of learning objectives. These points should be
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