The High Quality Relationship With Customers

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Introduction Banks are competing intensely in a highly competitive environment to offer quality oriented services according to customers’ expectations. Various important parts of banking sector like operations, service quality, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, financing products, efficiency, financial performance are being studied by many researchers to better understand and serve the community at large (Arokiasamy, 2013). The high quality relationship with customers is the main influence of a successful service provider (Panda, 2003) “which determines customer satisfaction and loyalty” (Jones, 2002 as cited by Lymperopoulos et al., 2006). Organizational outcome such as performance superiority is primarily influenced by the service quality (Poretla & Thanassoulis, 2005), “increasing sales profit” (Levesque & Mc. Dougal, 1996; Kish, 2000; Duncan & Elliot, 2002) and “market share” (Fisher, 2001), progressing customer relations, improving corporate image and promote customer loyalty (Newman, 2001; Caruana, 2002;). “Furthermore, service quality and customer satisfaction were found to be related to customer loyalty through repurchase intentions” (Levesque & Mc. Dougall, 1996; Newman, 2001; Caruana, 2002). Banks must convey quality service to ensure success and survival in today’s competitive banking. It is logical that a satisfied customer will become at the end… a repeat purchaser and a loyal buyer for many causes. This relationship between satisfaction and buyer
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