The Human Relations Model Of Management

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The business environment of developing economies is constantly changing and organisations must learn that adaption is the key to survival. The purpose of this investigation is to assess whether the perspective of scientific management or that of the human relations model of management best explains why some organisations fail whilst others thrive in an ever changing environment. Management models help to simplify reality and have been adopted by several areas from business to astronomy. The purposes of the models are to be guides to organising and effectively managing an organisation. The scientific management model created by Taylor et al was a response to the problem of how to organise factory production efficiently (Moxen, 2015). Whereas the human relations model was created as a response to Mayo and Hawthorne’s experiments which identified that humans are social beings with several needs and wants which has since been adapted by others such as Mary Parker Follet (Moxen, 2015). Throughout this essay how capable each model is to reacting to change will be investigate this will allow to decipher on the best approach for organisations to adopt. Therefore this will allow further discussions of both management models, the contrast existing between them and their individual aims. Also by investigating why some organisations can fail whilst others thrive through the changes will allow for a structured argument. Firstly, we will investigate the key features of the scientific
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