The Ict And Its Impact On Education

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1. Introduction
The ICT subjects was introduced in secondary schools early 2000’s with poor methodologies. It was that time I was in secondary schools so I saw and even experienced how the mode of computer skills delivery was. The word ‘computer’ itself was a bit knew to most students thou I was very good in mathematics. Shortage of instructors and teaching tools was a big issue. Most young generation fails to express themselves in terms of their future vision because they are blind to the rapid innovations in computer technology. We are coming from different background with different family economic levels. Not all of the young people are aware of this computerized system of the world. Not all are privileged with computerized cellular …show more content…

I believe that the gap/problems lies at the ‘middle’ (secondary) schools whereby the introduction of IT could reveal the vision and ability of most youth. Its more than ten (10) year of introduction of secondary IT knowledge, I expect to see some positive changes. Learning ICT is a process of growing awareness on various realities of life, thus lack of this skills problems won’t be evaluated. The ongoing invasion of outsider’s technologies gives me warning alarm that the indoor capability is still low.

Monitoring and Evaluation of every project is a key way to development; the ICT to secondary schools need a special M&E section to ensure that there is positive progress annually. I know that computer programming is mathematics based in one way or another, and the big number of secondary students do no like mathematics. This should be tackled with sharp stick lest the mind-set and capability of students lowers down. Indicator for ICT development in Tanzania will be openly to all teachers so as to improve their efforts.

With a lot of ICT knowledge and skills, what changes can we say that this program is bringing to our upcoming generation? Several field like engineering, medicine, finances and social science needs a lot of ICT skills. Does this syllabus real brings change? What are the factor hindering big results? If we have big results, how can we improve it? What are the indicators for ICT development in Tanzania. Which

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