The Ideal Data Collection Strategy For Our Analysis

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Research used in this study involved both qualitative and quantitative aspects, as we collected quality thoughts along with additional data used for statistical analysis. The survey method was the ideal data collection strategy for our analysis because it allowed us to gather information that answered CBG’s questions while ensuring DAI’s specific inquiries were being answered. Once the information was collected, each of the clients’ responses were compared and graphed to present the information in a graphic manner. In order to conduct the surveys, members of the client list were contacted via telephone. We anticipated that a problem might arise while scheduling interview times with clients. Thus, our survey was formatted to be easily answered in person or over the phone, which allowed us to work around the clients’ time constraints. In summary, our client list was determined and provided to us by DAI. Data was collected by issuing surveys to these companies via telephone interviews and a survey questionnaire. The questions that were asked pertained to the satisfaction level of customers, how they became aware of DAI, and the marketing tactics of each company. We compared this data to find any correlations or norms that could be of use to DAI in their operations. Findings The researchers used open-ended, scale, probe, and short answer questions to capture the consumer value framework associated with the consumer’s behavior with DAI. In conducting the research, we used

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