The Impact Of Organizational Culture On Hrm Practices And Its Effect On Hr Outcomes

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Following are the objective of this study is to answer the following questions: 1. To study the what extent do HRM practices of the Bahraini Institutions of higher education to achieve high performance. 2. To study the Is there any direct/indirect relationship between HRM practices and organisational performance in the Bahraini higher education sector.?(Remove question mark) 3. To find out the what is the role of (HR Outcomes: Commitment And Retention) in mediating the effect of HRM practices on the Bahraini higher education sector.? 4. To check the What are the effects of HRM Practices bundles on Performance? 5. To study the What are the effect of Bahraini organizational culture on HRM practices and its effect on HR outcomes.? 1-7 Researcher’s Philosophy of Research toward the study A researcher’s philosophical outlook and experiences combined with the nature of the research question and the audience interested in the research, guide the selection of a research design and data collection methodology during the exploration of a research topic (Creswell, 2003). The researcher applied a personal pragmatic world-view to HR in the academic area. Creswell (2003) argued that knowledge in the pragmatic paradigm is viewed as reality based and socially constructed with the truth being what works at the time. The pragmatists interest is with “applications – ‘what works’ – and solutions to problems” and, as a result, pragmatic researchers are choose the methods, techniques,
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