The Impacts of Tourism on the Local Community in Tung Chung

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Tung Chung is an area which is located on the Lantau Island. Right after the opening of the Hong Kong International Airport in 1998, it was developed as part of the Airport Core Programme. The government decided to make Tung Chung the first new town on an outlying island. First, the government began with the infrastructure there, housing is also built to attract more people move in. In 1998, the Tung Chung line of MTR was opened. It provided a much easier access of the region and thus rose the willingness of people to visit. A few more years later, people discovered the potential of Tung Chung to be a tourist spot, as there are a number of tourist attractions like the Big Buddha. As a result, hotels are also built in the region, as
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1.2 Solid waste
If noise is not a big problem, how about solid waste? We know that tourists tend to consume in their journey. Will the waste they create be a problem to the Tung Chung community? 33

To be a well-designed tourist spot, of course you have to take care of every basic need of the tourists. It includes the provision of food and beverage. However, the catering sector is one of the largest origins of waste. It produces considerable amount of food waste, disposable tableware and packaging everyday. I observed that there are a lot of restaurants in Citygate and the Ngong Ping village. I believe the amount of waste they produce everyday should be considerable too. We can see that it is one of the ways how tourism boosts consumption. and finally leads to the problem of solid waste. However, after my observation, I do not think this particular problem causes huge impacts to the local community. The government and the developer of the attractions have done a great job on waste management. They collect and transfer the waste in an efficient way, which makes me unable to obtain proof of the solid waste problem. The hygienic condition of the streets and public areas was satisfactory too. I only saw rubbish on the bench in the bus terminus. 182

1.3 Light pollution
In recent years Hong Kong has been facing a new kind of pollution problem and it is light pollution. It is the abusive use of artificial light and it may disrupt the ecosystem or even

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