The Importance Of Change

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CH-01 ...

… VO … “Bad move Marc.” Eliminate pause between Bad move and Marc

… VO … “My mind drifted to my brother, Karl, never far from my thoughts. He flew B-17 bombers over Germany from England. He was doing his part in the war effort. I very much wanted to do my part, too. But at age 17 I was locked out without parental permission. Despite many conversations, I could see that wasn’t going to happen.”


CH-02 ...

… VO … “He beckoned toward a row of chairs against the wall where invited students sat and worried. Sometimes, a younger student shed a tear there, boy or girl, in anticipation of Becker's paddle, which he was …show more content…

I don’t break my promises. If Dad weren't against it, I'd already be in the Army. I just want the soldiers beside me shooting in the same direction I am.”
Clifford chuckled. “Understandable.”
“I’m with General George Patton all the way on the Germans. ‘May God have mercy upon my enemies because I won't.' “

... VO … On reaching home, I was to appear thrilled and surprised on learning that I had won the U.S.A.E. scholarship.

CH-04 …

No Narration changes



… VO … As I neared the top of the rise, the sound of rushing water reached me. A fast-moving stream on the other side of the rise. At the top, I fell over the other side and tumbled down. It was more a cliff than a rise. Frantic, I grabbed for anything on the way down. Got lucky and rolled into a thick bush, stopping my fall into the stream.
I lay on the cold ground for a few moments to gauge my distance to the stream and hopefully flat ground. I crawled to the edge of the stream where the ground had mostly evened out. With my track training and conditioning at Jefferson School, I could outrun any middle-aged man. But a thick overcast had moved in this afternoon, and now hid the brightness of the moon even though it was nearing three-quarters full. It would be foolhardy to take off at full speed in such poor light. So there went my speed advantage.

… VO … I cupped my hand, scooped

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