The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Throughout life every day we are constantly interacting with other people. These types of interactions can influence our emotions. We as people must learn how to classify these emotions and deal with them because they have a direct effect with how we deal with things in or everyday lives. Many people can try to work their way through the process of trying to deal with emotions by becoming aware of the importance of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is believed to just be individuals recognizing emotions. According to Peter Salovey and John Mayer, emotional intelligence is the capacity to reason about emotions and emotional information, and of emotions to enhance thought (Salovey, P., & Mayer, J, 1990). Emotional intelligence helps a person communicate efficiently, overcome difficulties, and resolve struggles. It also affects a person’s routine, physical and mental wellbeing.

There have been several models proposed as a means of better defining emotional intelligence: the ability model, the mixed model, the trait model, the bar-on model and the genos model (Goleman, D.,1998). I will discuss information about two of the models listed above, the ability model and the mixed model. The ability model recognizes that emotional intelligence includes four types of skills. The four types of abilities are: Emotional perception (Through facial expression, body language, pictures, voices, and so on, a person can recognize the emotions of others

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