The Importance Of Professional Lifelong Learning ( Lll )

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This essay will discuss the importance of Professional Lifelong Learning (LLL), how it is important and its benefit to professional roles. It will also discuss the skill of reflection and attribute self-awareness which facilitate nurses in their engagement with professional LLL. LLL can be defined as the expectation that all professionals will uphold continuous learning both formally and informally (Wilcox, 2005). Quinn (2007) suggests that LLL is the process by which learning occurs throughout the life of an individual and that it is to be practiced throughout the entirety of a professional’s career, either in a workplace or throughout everyday living. Continuous professional development (CPD) represents learning that has already been done and will be upheld by keeping up to date in order for a nurse to stay competent in their profession (Wilcox, 2005). Although LLL and CPD share some similarities in terms of continuous learning, LLL might not always be professionally focused. The Nursing and midwifery council NMC (2015) states that to practice effectively you must maintain the knowledge and skills needed for safe and effective practice. This is important as up to date knowledge of new practice or procedures can help improve care and provide safe practice continuously throughout professional development (NMC, 2015). LLL is important to the nursing role to expand knowledge of safe, competent and up to date practice. Wilcox (2005) suggests that, health

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