The Issues Caused By Rapid Urban Growth And Spatial Reconstructing Developing Countries Essay

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The issues caused by rapid urban growth and spatial reconstructing in developing countries have generated considerable concerns and attention from governments and planners (Hamnett & Forbes, 2011; Kasarda & Parnell, 1993; Park & Wheel, 1983; United Nations, 1996, 2000). As one of the largest cities in Asia and the core political center, urban development in Beijing has proceeded at an accelerated pace in the last two decades (Robin Visser, 2005). However, it still suffered lots of ethical dilemmas after 28 years ‘successful city construction on urban planning. This assignment will pick the eviction issue to analyzed, the final aim is not only to demonstrate the particular phenomenon in Beijing but also try to find out the reasons of the issue through the comparison with UK planning system.

2.The forcing demolitions issue in Beijing:

“Major cities in developing countries face similar issues related to high development pressure, a lack of concern for cultural heritage” (Kong and Yeoh, 1994 and Steinberg, 1996)

As one of the most historical cities, the Beijing’s culture is disappeared as rapid as the economic booming and reconstructed city growth. Although, the reasons of death of city culture are complicated, there is little doubt that demolitions have a negative impact on the cultural conservation especially on heritage preservation. For instance, the area of quadrangle dwellings is only about 300 square meters in 2010 but was about 1700 square meters

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