The Necessity of a Strategic Marketing Plan

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1. Marketing Knowledge: You have put together some instructional videos that you think would be great for use in the classroom, although you have never been a teacher nor worked in a school. Your goal is to become a leading vendor for educational videos, so you attend some educational conferences, hoping to interest teachers and schools in your products. What are some of the questions you need answered in order to successfully market your products? What do you need to know about your market?

At the most fundamental level, a strategic marketing plan for the educational video business needs to first be developed that encompasses market segments, product strategy, pricing, profitability projections, key alliances and partnerships and promotional strategies. The strategic market plan unifies all aspect's of any new go-to-market strategy specifically, and the development of a new business venture overall (Henry, 2001).
In addition to defining a strategic plan it's going to be critically important to understand how the rapid advances in educational technology will also materially effect both the produce lifecycles of each video product but also of video as a means to deliver educational content as well. The field of e-learning is rapidly moving online, forcing many training and development companies to focus first on how to stay in step with how educators want to teach (Henry, 2001).
There is also the challenges of understanding how and why educators choose to use

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