The New Psychology: Early Physiological and Experimental Psychology and Structuralism

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The New Psychology: Early Physiological and Experimental Psychology

And Structuralism


Dr. Kornfeld

By: Janelle Jumpp

Table of Contents

1. What do you consider to be the proper subject matter of psychology?

2. What methods should psychology use to approach the subjects it studies?

3. What do you expect will be your most lasting contribution to the field of psychology?

4. What do you consider to be an appropriate role for the field of psychology in society?

5. What particular personal challenges or characteristics, or conditions in the society and the profession of psychology had the greatest impact upon your development as a psychologist?

It is with
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Saying that essentially all organisms has descended from a common ancestor continuing the process of branching out. Life evolved from one kind of organism or a few simple kinds of organisms. That each species arose in a single geographical location from another species that preceded it in time.

I then spoke with G. Stanley Hall- who was born on February 1, 1844. Growing up on a farm in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Beginning a career as a teacher in English and philosophy and eventually taking a position as a professor of psychology and pedagogic at John Hopkins University. Then becoming president of Clark University in 1889, where he remained working for twenty years. Hall was elected the first president of the American Psychological Association and his primary interest was in the evolutionary of psychology and child development.

I asked him what he would consider to be an appropriate role for the field of psychology. Considering that psychology plays a part of everyday life it is hard to say that is has a particular role. However the appropriate role is just that. It has to do with everyday life. That it shows the development of children, and even adult development. It plays a part in evolution and environmental behavior. Psychology is a crucial part of life and any other field. It has the potential to be anything because it is the basis of everything that we deal with. We use
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