The Organizational Structure And Structure Of The Hospitality Industry

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1.1 Hospitality industry consists of hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs. Besides, contract food service providers, hospitality services, membership clubs and events, brands and business are also considered as the hospitality industry (Walker, 2016). The hospitality industry is one of the huge and fast-growing industries in the World. One of the reasons is hospitality industry is known as the most sophisticated working sector in nowadays market. There are several types of ownership, such as proprietary ownership, franchise and management contract. Proprietary ownership is known as the direct ownership of a business by a person or a company. There is also chain property which known as a group of hotels that are managed under a company. …show more content…

A functional organizational structure administers a ranking with one or more than one manager(s) manage the overall operation (Barrows and Powers, 2008). Then, there are operational department and functional department. In the operational department, there are a unit that assists the business’s operation. Those operational groups are food preparation group, food and beverage services group, accommodation services group and front of house services group. On the other hand, for the functional group, there are human resource, finance, marketing, research and development, security and maintenance. Human resource department's main role is to focus on the labour issue such as providing training and management of the labour. Finance Department manages the financing of the return rate, cash flow and controlling the expenditures of the business. Marketing departments works on the advertising and promoting the business’s goods and services to the targeted audiences. Research and development department are mainly on the improvement or innovation of the overall business operation quality. Security department are on the duty of secure the safety of the business and maintenance department are focus on repairing defects and execute daily or monthly maintenance on the appliance or machinery used in the

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