The Positive Implication Of Multinational Corporations

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The global landscape of business is continually expanding and major companies are crossing borders in their daily business activities. As these multinational corporations branch into new areas, known as emerging markets, they will face a plethora of risk, challenges, and opportunities. Branding and sustainability are two major aspects of a business and emerging markets provide a different landscape that will require strategic changes and innovative solutions. One of the major ramifications of these corporations entering emerging markets, is their coherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Whereas much of the past research on this topic focuses primarily on the risks and challenges a company faces in such a situation, this paper will focus primarily on the positive implications of Multinational Corporations (MNCs). This paper will look to answer what CSR efforts should be taken by MNCs? What are the risk, challenges, and benefits to MNCs and the emerging market? What are the effects on the MNCs brand when they participate in CSR? How is the nature of the emerging market important when taking into consideration CSR? Given the stature and resources that many MNCs have, they have the potential to make a major positive impact on emerging markets in the realm of ethics, rights, and quality of life.

Literature Review
Over the past three decades Corporate Social Responsibility has become a popular topic. According to Double the Donation

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