The Potential Dimensions Of Service Quality

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Abstract Purpose – The objective of this study is to find the potential dimensions of service quality and then examine the relationship between service quality, food quality, perceived value, physical environment and customer satisfaction in KFC Restaurants in Myanmar. Design/methodology/approach –By using exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis the construct reliability and validity was assessed. To estimate the relationship among service quality, food quality, perceived value, physical environment and customer satisfaction, structural equation modeling was employed. Originality/value – After the democratic reforms in Myanmar, Western-style fast food franchises are starting to penetrate the boundaries and expanding…show more content…
Among them, KFC is one of the most popular fast food franchise in Yangon. Due to the opening of new branches and offering a lot of food choices, KFC is becoming more and more popular between Myanmar people. With the simultaneous swelling of the Myanmar economy, the fast-growing middle class in Myanmar finds their time more valuable than ever, their lifestyle is changing and less people are cooking at home (Cullen et al., 2008). This causes a huge increase in fast food consumer market, and some fast food franchises are increasingly crossing national boundaries and rushing into Myanmar for customers (Witkowski and Wolfinbarger, 2002). KFC currently has a total of 6 stores and a target of up to 12 stores by the end of 2017. During the previous years, KFC Myanmar has become one of the best performing markets within Asia and it was selected as Yum! Brands’ “Rookie of the Year” franchise award. In today’s competitive world, Service Quality is becoming one of the most strategic tools in measuring customer satisfaction. (Gustafsson, Johnson and Roos, 2005). To create high level of satisfaction and to develop a strong relationship with customers, customer satisfaction is very important (Deng et al., 2009). Due to these reasons, the companies consider customer satisfaction as very important element while devising their core strategies. There are some studies which address the service quality and customer satisfaction in fast-food restaurants (FFRs)
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