The Power Of Habit : Henry Molaison And Eugene Pauly

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Everyone has at least one habit – whether it is good or bad – and unless someone else points it out, they almost never notice it. Such unconscious tasks exist thanks to “a nub of neurological tissue known as the basal ganglia” (Duhigg 13). However, scientists would never have learned that this part of the brain was responsible for the formation of routine were it not for two significant men: Henry Molaison and Eugene Pauly. In his book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Charles Duhigg explains the conditions of both men and how they helped advance what today’s society knows about habits. As Duhigg shows his readers, Molaison was more valuable in terms of understanding memory. After attempting a surgery to…show more content…
In some cases, this quirk is a full-blown mental condition, however, in my case it is not that extreme. It is extreme enough, though, that the people around me are able to notice it. Nonetheless, it is not a complete fixation. Perfectionism for me mostly consists of organizing objects in a variety of ways, shifting stuff until they are correct and straight, reviewing projects until they meet my standards, as well as sorting things by color. These actions, in my eyes, are remarkably productive and have helped pave a path towards success throughout my life, which is why I differ from society in the sense that I believe it to be a good habit. This is not the only habit that has helped me in some way; my constant cleaning has played its part, too. As my roommate quickly found out, I have a knack for being what some people may call a “neat freak.” For them, I may appear borderline germaphobic, but in my own world, I just like everything to be clean. Dirty things are not always something I am thrilled about. My tendency to be a perfectionist is not the only trait that plays a part in this, though, but my allergies do as well. Dustless objects, vacuumed floors, and freshly cleaned laundry decrease my chances of having an allergic reaction. With allergies running rapid through my family, a clean home is always a nice commodity to have and, therefore, my mom taught my sister and I from a young age to clean our rooms. Ignoring the somewhat
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