The Pros And Cons Of Costal De Spain

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Spain is one of the most famous resort destination for holiday golfing in the world thanks for its typical destination as well as wonderful climate. Costal del Sol (also called Costal de Golf) is the place which grows the most density of golf installations in the Continental Europe. Costal de Sol is located in the south of Spain and the region is the world’s famous tourist destination. With wonderful location and excellent climate, there are over 70 golf courses developed in this area, specially the province of Málaga where golf lovers can visit all year round. In 2017, the number of visitors to Málaga province raised 2.6 percent compared to the figures in 2016 which is 1.6 million travelers between hotels and resorts. The rapid development …show more content…

In 2016 the Costa del Sol broke tourism records pulling in more than five million guests and seeing record quantities of overnight hotel remains which contained 75 percent of international visitors. (Adam Neale, 2016) During the summer 2017 period, the hotels occupancy rates in Costa de Sol reached 83.57%. Due to the rapid growth in the number of golf courses associated with hotels, resorts, the local society had gained advantages such as: increasing in employment and income benefits (both direct and indirect), the climb of taxes to local and governments, attracting more investment from abroad to the area, raising the local life quality, increasing local poverty values and also bringing better education, health and social benefits. For instance, foreign tourism boosted up half of Málaga’s economy in 2016 by rose the GDP to 26.8 percent. (CAPD, 2016) In Málaga today, the tourism and service industries are the fundamental part of …show more content…

The traffic jam is now a huge problem for travelers as well as local people in Málaga. According to a local newspaper, the traffic frequently heavies at lunchtime as tourists go to shoreline to eat as local people go home for lunch. Golf courses irrigation brought major impacts on the environment especially the amount of water used. In Málaga 2005, the total water consumption was around 11.8 million m3 and the amount could be much higher during the high season. Málaga city sources its water from the Guadalhorce. Half portion of the water is utilized for irrigating golf courses and the rest for the local neighborhood. The city water organization has grumbled that old or harmed field water system trench are squandering water that the public could use. (Peláez, 2016) Not only the vast used of water can affect the environment but also the process of refurbishing golf courses. Many chemical products and biocides were adopted to maintain the greenness, control insects… which corrupt both air and water. Additional speaking, more local people are forced to speak English because of the enormous number of foreign tourists coming which could diminish the culture of the city... As golf courses are built in luxury and exclusive resorts, the expenses from the tourists are demanded in a more higher level. The result was the prices

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