The Pros And Cons Of Uniforms In Schools

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School uniforms: a debate that has been tossed back and forth for years now. The percentage of schools that necessitate uniforms and the percentage of the ones that do not are approximately equal. This conveys a dispute that is difficult to find a definite solution for, due to the ambiguous negatives and positives being drawn between both arguments. Uniforms being a part of school systems became widespread first after Long Beach, California implemented them into their elementary and middle schools. It is safe to say that since then, schools have become far more lenient with what restrictions students have when it comes to uniforms. However, some others disagree with the policies on uniforms, believing that they obstruct on children's…show more content…
It creates a unified community that has no economic or social barriers relating to clothing. To empathize the point being made, it should be known that hectoring youth can lead to both physical and emotional stress, depression, and in extreme cases, even death. When the threats of bullying are so prominent in a teenager’s life, precautions must be made.

Accepting uniforms in a school will help it present itself in a more professional and safe manner. For instance, if someone were to come up to the school requesting entrance wearing clothing previously banned, it would be a cause for suspicion. This could assist schools in being more efficient in the event of a lockdown or emergency. Meanwhile, schools are still being regularly threatened to date; a study states

In addition, school uniforms are generally a benefit for parents, economically. With uniforms having the same style every year, albeit with occasional leniencies, there is not much cause for buying new uniforms yearly besides from a child growing. Without a school uniform, teenagers quickly tire of what they wear to school and want to get new clothes around every month. This is due to students wanting to “stay with the times” and the latest trends. In the logic of the adolescent mind, if you have the latest clothes, then it will boost your reputation and status on the school map, and so a time consuming cycle is forged. This would cost the parents more of their salary that could be better spent on
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