The Relationship Between Race And Genetic Factors

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There are many studies related to diabetes, but it necessary to research further those studies that focus on how race/genetic factor affects diabetes. The most common focus of many studies has been to consider to further research the relationship between B-cells and diabetes. It is also believed that type two diabetes may have been associated with some genetic factors of a specific race. It is mentioned that although it is rare, in some forms of diabetes mutations of one gene can cause the disease (Dean& McEntyre, 2004.). The idea is that there are many variations in genes sequencing, which makes it difficult to link the gene variations known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to the risk of developing diabetes. With that said, …show more content…

During the study, 20 islets were studied from each case, and the focus was to measure B-cell volume, frequency, replication, and the ability for the endocrine ducts to produce new islet (Butler, et al. 2003). Based on the findings, there was an increase of B-cell in the obese population. “Obese humans with IFG and type 2 diabetes had a 40% (P < 0.05) and 63% (P < 0.01) deficit and lean cases of type 2 diabetes had a 41% deficit (P < 0.05) in relative β-cell volume compared with nondiabetic obese and lean cases, respectively” (Butler, et al. 2003).

Another article related to the gene theory titled Genetic and Environmental Factors Associated with type two Diabetes and Diabetic Vascular Complications conducted in 2012 by Murea, MA, and Freedman. This study focused on exploring secondary data to find what researchers have found about the relationship between genes and diabetes, and environmental factors and diabetes. This study focused more on type two diabetes and how it relates to vascular complications. It concentrates on how finding the relationship between genes and diabetic can help finding treatment option for the disease prevention or delay in the disease progression (Murea & Freedman, 2012). The authors also review and article that reviewed the literature supporting genetic determinants in the

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