The Role Of Contemporary Organisational Structures And How It Is Influencing People Management Practices

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This essay is a description of contemporary organisational structures and how it is influencing people management practices. Moreover, it will also outline the flexibility within the contemporary organisations. I am focusing mainly on contemporary organisation studies by which we can understands how an innovative strategy leads to new job design, organisation structure and ultimately people management practices. Now-a-days, it is an essential tool in any organisation high performance or resistance. I have critically analyzed and discussed the issues related to this essay.
Contemporary term originates in mid-17th century rom Latin word. Ever since the term ‘Organisation’ was coined, there has been never-ending debate going on about the best way to make them successful. People management practices emerged during mid-20th century in order to make organisations effective. Moreover, contemporary organisations are getting more conscious as world is getting more uncertain and volatile. Due to mad rat race competition in organisations, new strategies are being invented and enforced in the market as well as within the organisations. Globalization is changing organisations structure into decentralized or contemporary style as they are quickly adaptive to a change.

Every organisation must have a structure even if it is private-public, national-multinational or small-big. By that organisation can organize people and their jobs in order to meet goals. At the…
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