The Role Of Leadership Effectiveness

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In any organization, the role of leadership effectiveness depends on either if he/she has total controls of the decision making process and supervises work done in the group called autocratic leadership style (Greenberg, p.456), if the leader has minimum supervision and allows group participation in decision making known as delegation leadership style (Greenberg, p.456) and lastly a leader who prefers half of each styles called participative leadership style. (Greenberg, p.456)
Given the complexity of human nature, it is impossible to simply classify leadership roles into three distinct categories. The degree of control of decision making and the control of supervision of work can vary in all dimension. It is unlikely that if a leader
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Arguably, one of most admired leader of this generation is Elon Musk. (Co-Founder of PayPal, founder of Tesla Motors, Space X and Chairman of Solar City) He has spanned diverse industries and succeeded in creating entirely new industries (performance-electric vehicles and cheap commercial space lunch) that normal leaders or CEOs do not even dare to venture and inspired young generations to strive towards better future of earth. He has traits of gifted leadership like flexibly to adapt to the changing market, displayed expert knowledge in diverse industries, highly ethical working habit with resilience, optimism and confident, he also employs open participation style of leadership. Because he employs highly skilled and intelligent individuals, his willingness to foster open communication in all hierarchal levels of the organization and fostering latitude in groups decision making, the success of his companies is a testament of role a good leadership plays.
It is not always the performance of a great leader that show good role of a leadership. Every small organization or teams have leaders that display leadership qualities. From an example from my previous job, to get college students (sometimes inters and temporary summer employees) to perform at a high standards of a 4-star hotel within a short span of 2-3 weeks require tremendous leadership skills. As we had it, we started with an autocratic style
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