The Synthesis Of Nannomaterials

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Chemical synthesis of nanomaterials for drug delivery most commonly involves the synthesis of nanometal compounds, polymer nanocomposites and quantum dots. The original synthesis techniques for these nanomedicine applications involve toxic reagents and waste products. Green chemistry initiatives are attempting to produce nanometals, composites and quantum dots without the toxicity and waste associated with early methods.
Nanometals are an area of high interest in for drug delivery due to their magnetic properties. Nanometals such as iron oxides have the desired traits of nanoparticles such as high surface to volume ratios while also allowing for manipulation of drug delivery using magnetic fields. Therapeutics are linked to the outside of …show more content…

In addition to injectable applications, nanometals are also synthesized for medical stent drug delivery. This type of drug delivery vehicle involves the permanent fixture of a nanoparticle apparatus that releases therapeutics in vivo over time. Nanometal stents are fundamentally green as they are constructed to biodegrade in vivo and excreted through the renal system as they degrade. The original construction of nanometal stents involved iron; however, iron stents have caused inflammation in vivo.
Polyphenol-coated porous nanomaterials such as silica are some of the most commonly studied nanomaterials for stents. Self-assembling, silica scaffolding with PEG coating is a natural choice for drug delivery stents because it is biodegradable and allows for controlled release of therapeutics to targeted sites in vivo via a pH-sensitive release. Such scaffolding is meets green chemistry goals of clean synthesis and avoided waste production; however, patient efficacy must still be improved. Current in vivo studies demonstrate PEG coatings contributing to “pleural effusion, pericardial effusion and pulmonary fibrosis and granuloma” as a result of the high-concentration of nanoparticles in the region of the scaffolding.
Construction of silica scaffolding has led to toxicity in researchers and patients. According to Jahangirian x-ray and electron microscopy have discovered silica

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