The Theory Of Ethics And Ethics

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Throughout the last few weeks of class, we have discussed many different theories of ethics by many different philosophers. We have examined these theories by looking at different examples of how someone who believes in a specific theory would respond to the situation. I have come to the conclusion after closely examining each theory of ethics that virtue ethics presented by Rosalind Hursthouse is closest to correct. Even though virtue ethics has a few flaws that I believe need to be revised, this theory is closest to what I believe is correct. This theory is well structured and has fewer controversies than the other theories we have looked at because this theory deals with wider questions like, how should I live my life, instead of narrow questions like, how should I respond to this situation. In many other theories, we are given a specific, often unlikely situation, and given a specific way to respond to that situation. In my life I have always learned many important values from role models like my mom and dad. These people are considered virtuous people to me because I have learned right from wrong from them my entire life. Learning how to act from another person in real life situations better prepares me to make the right moral decisions in my own life. Overall, I believe that virtue ethics is the closets theory to correct because in virtue ethics, we are given a way to act and a role model to follow in order to make the right moral decision in all situations all of the

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