The Three Causes And Effects Of Corruption In Kenya

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Kenya is one of the most corrupt countries in the world due to a long legacy of corrupt leaders according to the recent transparency international standings(145/176). It is so visible, that it is impossible for a citizen or even a visitor to deny its presence. Corruption is a problem that is engulfed everywhere around the globe, in some countries more than others and it was not until a few years ago that the international donor community recognized corruption as one of the main responsibilities for the failure of development in Africa .Corruption hinders economic development and gradually slows down the democratic process and stability within a political system. The money gained out from corruption does not trickle down to the people nor is it used to make any development, instead is it used for private gain and to fund luxurious living. Corruption in Africa can be seen as both systemic and generalized, systemic since it is more of a rule than an exception and generalized since it is not limited to just one sector. There are three types of corruption that are found in a society, but will only mention two of them. The first type of corruption is described as grand corruption: which is corruption acts done by the political elite. They use their powers to gain private themselves, it is known as the worst form of corruption as it’s responsible for destroying communities at large. The second type of corruption is bureaucratic corruption, also known as petty corruption. In this

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