The Types Of E Enterprise Systems

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Enterprise is a firm or a business organisation that engage in an systematic economic activity to satisfy the demand of the people, specially focussed towards profit in obedience to the law.

E-enterprise is a adaptable inclusive enterprise that is coordinated by system which makes simultaneous reaction to environment change, customer demand and aggressive situations. The types of e-enterprise systems are Supply chain management, Customer relationship Management and Enterprise resource planning.

Integration of application and data is required to complete without making changes to existing application and data. In such cases EAI has to integrate heterogeneous application with different platforms and different components so …show more content…

An SOA in a SCM ensures that services can be made available to others in the supply chain, enables access to supply chain information to different partners and systems and designs a more adaptable and reactive environment for its supply chain partners. SOA helps to integrate supply chain process and information. By enabling sharing such relevant information helps to make a better background for real-time data exchange, real-time responsiveness, real-time collaboration, real-time synchronization, and real-time visibility across the entire supply chain.

SOA principles and features add value to an e-enterprise system by

Free flow of Information
In use of large applications there is information silos, where information cannot be shared between different applications/software’s. Integrating systems can solve this problem of information silos, but integrating systems often involve a huge cost. Service Orientated Architecture provides free flow of information, where different applications and systems can share and exchange information.. This saves integration cost. The other benefits of integration with SOA are
Making information available to different systems in organization that wishes access it.

SOA provides the ability to expose internal functionality, which can add business value, for example if a shipping company makes tracking of its shipments visible to its customers, it increases customer satisfaction.

SOA reduces cost by

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