The United States Of America

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Countries like the United States of America or Canada is for many individuals the synonym of prosperity, opportunities and better quality of life, based on the economic power and lifestyle that is perceived by the general population. This situation has generated that people from third world countries such as Latin American countries immigrate to achieved the “American Dream”, this means having the possibility of a better life for them and their families. Although, the majority of the immigrants choose the USA over other countries to achieved this dream for either its location or its reputation and “is woven into the fabric of American history and culture” (Hilfinger, Morris and Boyle, 2014). However, the “American Dream” is not always …show more content…

In 1970, the political system of some Latin America countries such as Costa Rica o Colombia was democracy while in other countries was an authoritarian system (Hiskey and Orces, 2010). In the twenty first century this situation had change in most of the Latin American countries since they have democratic structures with the exception of Cuba; however, in some of these countries, the levels of freedom have decrease (Hiskey and Orces – 2010), this means that they might have less possibilities for citizens to express their opinions freely such as Venezuela. These changes have an influence in the emigration patterns, for example, situations like the rising of Castro in Cuba or Evo Morales in Bolivia can defined the number and type of citizens leaving their own countries based on the fear they may have on their and the countries wellbeing (Hiskey and Orces, 2010). However, researches have not define how significant have to be the change but they estimate that it may cause a significant change in the political and economic situation. Additionally they have identify that the magnitude of the changes may define the sector of society who will be leaved base on how this changes impact may influence them (Hiskey and Orces, 2010).
Moreover, the U.S. immigration policies has causes “conflicted and contradictory tendencies” that generates interests in the country but

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